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    I hear the WildLyfe and the SaltLife crew are getting together for a meet and greet bbq. I get the feeling there will be a lot of Zima's getting consumed! WildLYfe!!!! lol.

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    colin and raven? where you dudes at? let's talk it out guys!

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    Mixed emotions. The Sandy stuff from those guys in DE was insane. That crew has big plums. But when its 4-6 foot and there are some guys out..... man... the smell of gas and oil and the sound of the ski..... seems a bit of an overkill.

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    "NO SKI UNTIL 12 feet" and there talking about Hawaiian scale waves. These waves are barely head high . . . . . if you are a pro then there is no need to ever have a ski unless your from delaware and suck knee caps

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    I heard SHRED was out there with the Backdoor boys that day!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    No one surfed SS IRI before these pros with their "team," what's they called Backwoods or Wildlyfe (with a "y") or whatever? That's not true t'all.

    Hey, another thing is, don't these dudes act like they are The Wildman in the backwoods of Kentucky with the huntin' and "southern" lifestyle? Dudes, you're from coastal Delaware. Delaware. Delaware is ours - it belongs to Philadelphia/South Jersey. Jeez, one of your towns is a hot spot for those who live "alternate" lifestyles. That's not very redneck.

    Anyways, besides days like that Sandy thing, which happens once a decade, there's no reason to use jet skis. Man, they are the most annoying things. I have a group of dudes who ride 'em at my place, not towing crackers, but they ride the waves and piss around and shoot. It's the worst. They destroy the sanctity of the ocean with their gas fumes and noise. Actually, they usually congregate in fall but were absent this year. Good.

    Steep drops are one of the best things aboot this whole dang thing. Avoiding them is sacrilege....blasphemous even.

    There's too many "pros" out there today. And they serve no purpose whatsoever. How many Jersey guys buy Billabong products because Sam Hammer is sponsored by them? And now in an attempt at recognition in the surf world, people are towing dudes into 5 foot waves breaking ten yards off the beach. And.......nobody besides us east coasters cares aboot that swell, anyways. We suck. And now we look pathetic, if anybody even notices.........

    This is the state of modern day surfing. Ban pro surfers, and publicity hounds. Go earn a reputation on the tour where pros are supposed to be. This whole "lifestyle" pro thing is a sham. Yeah, it's a nice gig if you can get it, but it f's things up for the rest. Besides, getting payed to publicly display five swells a year isn't work......it's a "handout." It's like welfare, and good lord we all know how much MIS-13 and the rest hate welfare. These guys are like welfare queens, and they drive up the prices of your board shorts and wet suits in order to get their pro salaries.

    Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

    Indeed Smokey.

    Raven, Colin, and anyone else behaving this way, if you can dig hard, then do it! Sell your dueshy little noise makers. No one gives a sh*t about your sponsorship when your dueshing people to facilitate it. Just because dudes aren't ripping the gnar like you, f*ck them? Learn some respect and get over your selves.

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    I wasn't aware that people towed on the eastcoast.the wildlife boys rip tho,nothing against them but definitely unnessessary.I guess they were trying to get a high wave count that day.step offs are retarded unless its 30ft Puerto Escondido.if I had a ski,i drive for miles on the outside til I found a secluded beach with a good sandbar.thats like showing up at deal when its 5ft with 80 people out doing step offs.what would be cool would be to see a guy fly up on the ski and somebody jumps off onto a surfer paddling and takes their wave on their board lol.Kelly drops in on parko,mick drops in on john john,wheres the respect anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisurfdogg View Post
    If you kooks tried that here you'd get a tree full of coconuts launched at you and you would be beaten as you tried to get your asswhole machines out of the water at the boat ramp. Just sayin'.
    ^^^ This, bring that sh*t down here ^^^

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    Quick question, not for nor against - why step offs instead of just towing in via rope?

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    why do people keep saying that they were towing? They were not. And it has nothing to do with the size of the waves... They were not doing step offs because the waves were too steep...

    It is extreme douchebagery to do it in a lineup... But that's it