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    wetsuit repairs/ideas (Wilmington, NC)

    Has anyone used or would recommend someone for wetsuit repairs around the Wilmington NC area? I've got an almost brand new 4/3 Rip Curl with a small tear on my left leg near the zipper that if not fixed will get worse. I've never had this issue before and not sure what to do. Any ideas for a home repair may work too but I want to do it right.

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    If it's almost brand new you should be able to get it repaired if you have the receipt or the tag that came with it.

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    natkitchen is right. they will take it back and repair it at no charge. sometimes the surfshop you purchased it from will do the leg work for you. If not, get the dental floss and a needle and sew it.

  4. if they dont take it fix it yourself, it's simple. cross stitch it with dental floss, then seal it with neoprene cement. Ive done it to most of my suits, works wonders.

    neoprene cement can be found at your local surfshop, dental floss at cvs. total repair costs about 12 dollars, takes about 30-40 minutes

    heres a video

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    I think I'm going to try the dental floss trick. Thanks for the advice! And video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NICAfiend View Post
    I think I'm going to try the dental floss trick. Thanks for the advice! And video.

    yup, i took this advice from someone on an earlier thread and it works well. Sealed the sewn area with some urethane repair goop (AquaSeal) and it has held up perfectly. just be aware that the tube of repair goop was recommended to be stored in the freezer after usage, which i did not, and has since hardened to almost uselessness. live and learn.

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    Depending on where the hole is be careful of extra aquaseal on the inside of the suit. When it hardens the edges of it are pretty irritating. I'd use some kind of untextured tape (ie. packing tape) on the inside to hold everything together while you sew it up. Either leave it on and let it wear off or peel it off best you can after everything dries.