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    Advice on Costa Trip

    Planning on a surf trip to Costa Rica this summer somewhere between May and August. Looking for advice on what part of Costa to visit, breaks to surf, where to stay, board options, etc. Also want to do some other activities while I'm there besides surf as in hike, zip line, waterfalls, all that touristy stuff. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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    I'm going in January to the pavones area I'll repost to this thread after

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    what's your ability level? all kinds of waves down there; some are suited for beginners, some are not.

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    intermediate-advanced, been surfing for 8 years not a pro but definitely not a beginner haha. We are looking into Nosara as of right now

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    Been travelling to CR for the past 8 years. Just got back from Jaco, Hermosa, Esterillos, and Dominical last week. Your heading down at a great time as the southern hemi season is in full swing. Lots of swell in the water at that time with good size pulses coming into central america every 7 to 10 days. You can basically take your pick of areas to head to. Playa Grande,Tamariondo, to the north with other nearby breaks like Negra and Nosara...Santa Teresa and Malpias on the peninsula...The mack daddy of all Hermosa with Jaco, Boca Barranca and Esterillos close by, Dominical with its cool american hippy vide 1 1/2 hours south of Hermosa and then there is the golden gem of Pavones which is a bit fickle at times but if you score its well worth it. If you want any specifics on any areas just let me know and I'll fill you in...

    If your interested in the central pacific (hermosa) check out my friend's tour comapny here:


    Daily report from the boys in Hermosa: http://www.rovercam.com/

    Purav Vida!!!
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    I'll be stalking this thread as I'm planning to go for the month of august too...

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    i went to nosara in july for my honeymoon. it was a great trip & there's plenty to do near by other than surf (which is why we chose that town). the waves are "meh"...it's a fairly soft, user-friendly beach break. i didn't get to do much in the way of surf exploring, but i heard there are other waves w/ more to them in the area. the main break is guinones, though.

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    Jaco area is great for easy access and wave options. If you want to see the country Mal Pais/Santa Theresa is super pretty with great food and places to stay. Ive heard Nosara is nice too.

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    Best time to go is 2 weeks after Easter. best deals and between dry and wet seasons. Playa Hermos Jaco is your best bet for 1st time. Lots of accommodations, tons of good breaks in the area. Boca Barranca and Guacalillio a 1/2 hour away. Punta Mala 15 min. Dominical and Playa El Rey an hour.

    Mal pais/ST is my fav place. But always started in Jaco.

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    I surfed playa grande over the summer. There was overhead waves everyday of our trip. Barrels for days.