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    I don't think its fair to relate his awkwardness with public speaking to having mental problems. Hell, I'm terrified of public speaking...I'd probably look the same, maybe even worse. So if that means I have mental problems then I need some serious help lol

    and high?? maybe, but I don't think so. He's like that in nearly all of his interviews, but I mean if he's high all the time...good for him!

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    I thought this was great. Dane isn't some athelete you can put a mic in front of on prime time tv and expect him to please all his collective share holders.

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    I stand corrected.sorry.thanks for the edumacation.i still found it awful to watch and listen to his creepy laugh.just not funny to me.and what I know of the image from what mags and videos jumped out at me make him,like dora,some type of hypocrite.that being said,aren't we all?

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    I guess you consider Slater a loser too since he lost this year in Bells, Brazil, Bali, Tahiti, Lowers, France and Portugal.... And Fanning too since he lost every contest except France.

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    Exactly. He loses which makes him a loser. He is not a champion and never will be.