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    Quote Originally Posted by deca View Post
    As far as the fluid seams, mine only has it in the torso and not arms/legs, so again, maybe that is a design change.
    My i-Soldier has it throughout the entire suit on all the seams. I think if it were only in the torso it would make a huge difference in the flex of the suit. My 222 has no seam tape and it's the best suit I've ever owned. I think this is a actually a design change because I remember seeing seam tape on the 434 in the store in 2012. Glad they made the change. I might need to check one of these out now.

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    dragging up an old thread here while thinking about picking up last year's evade 454.

    I spent last winter in a 4mil oneill psycho that i picked up before moving to NJ, which really wasn't too bad outside of december - february. at the risk of whining, suffered through those 3 months and had to get creative poor man style with a 1 mil vest underneath a few times. it didn't really work, but funds had to be allocated to different priorities at the time, and I wasn't able to sit at home when it was firing. we had a good winter.

    my wetsuit experience prior was limited to a fall/winter surfing in northern europe in a 5 mil oneill mutant that wasn't spectacular, but took care of bidness. I wasn't too impressed with it or my current 4 mil, and am set on switching allegiances.

    anyways: reading all the tech stuff on isurus, sounds like the 454 is pretty toasty. saw a couple of other NJ area fellas on here that mentioned these suits... what did you think about the warmth from dec-feb? isurus website has a lot of tech info listed about how warm/stretchy/light/sensational their product is - and I don't doubt it - but is this 5 mil really 6 mil warmth?

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    Warmest and lightest wetsuit I've ever had. I've got the 4/3/4 which is must lighter than the 3/2 Oneil that I have. I lived in RI and NJ for years and used to surf the winters there. This would have been the suit to have back them but it didn't exist. My only problem is that if the water is in the high 60s I tend to overheat. The website says my suit is for 50-57 degree water and I'd say that's accurate. After that its too warm. i'm looking into getting a 2/3/2 which should be better for the 60 degree temps.

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    Almost all the new suits from every company (minus hyperflex) are insane these days. You almost can't go wrong. We are definitely spoiled with our hi tech warm stretchy suits.

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    Great suits. Have the 222 and the i-soldier for the winter. I have only really used ONeill suits in the last 25 years until I bought these 2 suits. They are really light and warm. The soldier in Feb is toasty and light . But as mentioned earlier they are fragile can tear easy.

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    Wow this tread is bringing out all sorts of cats that never post! Obscure wetty, obscure posters!

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    The most difficult suit I've ever attempted to take off...had to get my buddy to help me. I've been told that they need time to break in but it was brutal. Still the concept absolutely makes sense to me...hopefully grabbing an I-solider this winter.