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    Ditching the shop right now to go surf. And check this out ... Has anyone tried this ? Yeah ok goin to put it on my car now.

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    Here's a Nubster/Trailer for Futures box

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    From shaper Paul Cannon of Napier NZ posted on FB:

    "so mylo my mate i posted those photos of recently.. finally stuck the warp drive fin on his board in the last two day . surfing the rivermouth.. like i really tried hard to get him to try it. but hes a skeptic so it sat in a draw for 3 months. anyway i was hassling and he finally chucked it on . i saw him to day and he was RAVING about it. this is a surfer of 40 years and tried a lot of stuff. Roy told me that the fin he made for me was a bit too small for a mal . but we did it anyway he was tripping on it basically. saying the differences and improvement wasnt subtle. it was obvious . he as asked me to get him a longer version and i am gunna set one of my boards up . comments like having a "turbo". like driving on dirt and then changing to new ashpalt. and it " blew me away ".. So Thanks ROy cant wait to try some other **** from you brother.."