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Thread: WaveStorm

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    a Wavestorm is the best $99 i ever spent for surf gear - this is why:

    my 4 y/o catches waves on it, fights pirates, dives for treasure, plays with his buddies...been bounced off the deck and popped in the head by it and gets right back up on it and loves it. oh, it's also good for houseguests, wannabes, surf lessons, and small days. if you debate it's value on it's technical merits, you're missing the point.

    Quote Originally Posted by BSnyder View Post
    This would be a fitting end to any Wavestorm.
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    Now that sir is funny!

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    We all support one thing or another whether it's buying local surfboards or any other tangibles. If it makes you feel good then do it ! Kinda like religion isn't it? btw I'm not religious to say the least. So I say if you like it then ride it.