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    not earl,but same set up but this was years ago before they dredged the shyt out of it.u cant even see the water from this spot anymore

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    Stayin' Classy in San Diego
    Biggest swell of 2013 that I remember was June 7. Surfed Middles, Lowers and Uppers from 2:00pm to about 5:30 at about 5'-6' at around 23s on a solid S/SW swell, which is the optimum swell window for those breaks. Lot of fun, super big crowd.

    There were a couple of days that came close to that, but weren't quite as big. Overall, one of the worst years for surfing in San Diego that I can remember. Got my money's worth out of my grovelers and rode my log so much that it's all delammed to hell now.

    In the market for a 9'6"-8" x 22/23" x 3" if any of you SD/OC heads got one under $4hundo. I gotta get a replacement until I fix my mine.