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Thread: Would you surf?

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    Mar 2013
    I'll be going in those conditions who knows when there will be waves again suck it up and get some waves

    Don't think about it too much beforehand cuz I know when I get one wave it's worth it

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    The threat of below 0 wind chills is what's got me thinking, but hopefully that's just during the overnight between fri-sat.

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    Saturday at dawn is my call. I'm working Friday anyway. Winds will be below 15 by then. Swell looks to still be in the chest high area. Just gotta deal with the temps in the single digits without the wind chill

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    Hoping to get a short session in Friday, or as long as the wind chill will allow. Saturday should be a lot warmer. temps in the 30's and light winds.

    Anyone have any tips on cutting down the wind with an extra layer under or over their suit?

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    Not in that kinda wind. And then only maybe if i had no other option temp wise. That sounds ridiculously cold. I prefer warm.

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    heres a nice, cold close out beach section for ya....well not snowing cold, f that!

    close out.jpg

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    Being from southeast georgia, ive never been in air temps lower than mid 20's and water temps lower than low 50's. So that seems a little extreme for me, although im wave deprived i might consider it with the right gear... ehh... i gotta give it to you northeast guys...thats some dedication right there

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    I can't even remember what 70F+ water feels like. Just as when in June/July I couldn't remember what below 55F water felt like. You can try to think about it, but if you haven't been in either for a while you lose comprehension of it. Totally in cold air/water mode right now and your state of mind enables you to survive in whatever you're in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ocsurf32 View Post
    I didn't buy a new 6/5 for nothing. If your not out there then why do you surf????
    A fresh flash bomb 6/5, ooooh , toasty. That would help a lot. I'd be wearing a 543, fairly new.

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    It's not really that bad -unless your suit is from '87.... I'm telling ya the real question is - who is changing out of their wetsuit outside- or doing the drive home in the suit to the hot shower- I live a few blocks away (from belmar,nj- the best break on the east coast) so I could easily do either