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    Oneill Guru Tech 5mm lobster gloves

    I bought these guys a few weeks ago, wore them twice, and can't wear them again because they are too small. They are sized Medium, but fit like a small.
    Only purchase these if you are normally a size small glove.
    Because they are almost new I am asking $40 and $5 shipping.
    PM me if you are interested.


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    Ok, ok. $35 + shipping. Seriously, they're brand new. Used twice.

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    $30 and shipping. That's it. Otherwise, I keep 'em for 10yrs and give 'em to my oldest daughter when she's big enough so she can throw buckets in your cheap faces! Ha!

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    Someone buy these I just bought them full price. The day or two after new years when it was 12 degrees ice was forming on my suit and my hands were warm as can be. They do run small.