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    I really like flying jet blue, and I've have good experiences with them. I almost always fly them when i can. I've flown boards with them several times and they have always helped me out. I would fly them again.

    I hope they dont follow the ways of all the other airline carriers who are horrible. I refuse to fly AA, delta, etc.

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    I had a surprisingly very good experience on USAirways from Philly to Liberia, CR last month. I brought two long and one short board in a coffin that I had built by Midnight Bags in CA. Other than a small tear on the coffin fabric, there wasn't as much as a scratch on any of my boards. I used the skycap in PHL (along with a $20 tip) who was very helpful and made sure that I was only charged for one board. The official USAirways policy is $200 per board which is highway robbery and I wouldn't have paid it. But $200 for three boards was ok. The check in crew in Liberia were very helpful as well and didn't even think about looking in the bag. In fact, they were very polite and almost apologetic in reminding me about the bag fee for the return.

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