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Thread: Fish Stories

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    Mystery fish

    Since we're into the true fish stories now...I caught a really weird looking fish off Cape Lookout once. It was silvery like a tarpon but definitely wasn't a tarpon, and it was huge. I mean way bigger than any tarpon I've ever seen. Took forever to get it in and was so big we couldn't even get it in the boat. We drug it all the way back praying the whole time the sharkys didn't come chomp on it. We finally got it to the dock and they had to use a crane to haul it up. The thing was so heavy when it hit the dock it split open and there was a freaking body inside. Freakiest thing I've ever seen. Got pics to prove it...

    myster fish.jpg

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    Resurrecting this thread because of a banner ad that shows a guide with a weird looking fish. It reminded me of this.
    When I first moved to NC I went fishing on High Rock Lake. I caught a few small cats and white bass, which I had never caught up in NY. I set my drag loosely and went exploring. Suddenly my rod started bobbing and my my drag started squealing. I readjust the drag and start reeling in what I think Is a 3 or 4 pound catfish when I see this bright red/orange flash in the water. I Keep on reeling having no idea what I hooked. A few other people came over to see what I had on and when I finally landed it I had know idea what strange southern fish I had caught. It was a 4 pound Goldfish!
    I know they are just pretty, domestic carp, but this thing was 18 inches long, and bright, bright orange. I found out that they were used as bait for catfish and it must have been a survivor bait fish.

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    I caught a 5 foot tarpon off the beach in Naples Florida while visiting my parents, but my best fish of all time is this guy.big fish.jpg

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    that guy holding the baby bass really looks fishy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chicharronne View Post
    that guy holding the baby bass really looks fishy.
    Fishy?!?! I was stoked. That's not a baby bass, I'm just 11 feet tall.