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    Mariens and Davis Surfboards/ Norfolk VA/ ATTN OLD SCHOOL VA DUDES

    hey i came across a 9'2" mariens and davis longboard yesterday. it's pretty beat up but i know 60's longboards tend to carry some value.

    i really just want to know the background and history. thanks dudes.

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    but don't you hate longboarders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharp eye View Post
    but don't you hate longboarders?
    haha! If you buy this, then I think you'll need to change your screen name...

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    I don't know if there was a mariens and davis, but there was a Martins And Davis label in Norfolk if that is what you were looking at. I don't know anything about the brand per say, but it seems that they were a smaller company, which was common during that time period on the east coast. With any vintage board condition is everything its what makes a board worth $100 or $2000. How much is the person asking? But I doubt there is any crazy value to the board, could just be a fun vintage rider.

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    hahaha my username is suppose to be ironic. i don't hate longboarders per se.

    i did get the board for $90 yesterday. hard to say no at that price.

    martens & davis makes way more sense. picture of the label below.

    overall the board is in pretty craptastic condition but is def still able to be ridden.

    there's a crack in the glassing that runs nose to tail, the board weighs over 20 lbs. (i don't know if it's straight water logged or that's just how much it's suppose to weigh) and a couple of other minor dings on the rails.

    the glass on fin is still solid and doing well. overall i'm pretty stoked to ride it. i actually enjoy riding the old school 50/50 longboards when it's waist high and smaller. in fact my favorites are the bz rescue paddle boards. they're over 9', close to 4" thick and a wave catching machine.

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    bottom deck

    top deck

    keel fin

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    need to do a serious cleaning but it looks like it'll be fun.

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    I'd say you scored for $90 even if you were going to use it as a bar top, much less ride it.

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    I can use a POS longboard for $150ish..........

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    go on craigslist. i swung a deal for 3 boards for $300. if you don't care about quality you can get some crappy sticks for cheap.