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    Quote Originally Posted by David View Post
    I live 3 hours from the nearest surf break and set a modest goal to surf at least once month, every month. Having a full-time job and other distractions I made it just about 9 years (most months surf many more times than just once), I got sick in late Dec. of last year, was planning to go when my wife went into premature labor (2 weeks early) so my daughter was born on the 30th and that shot my goal of making it to 10 years was over, but I can now blame my daughter for the rest of her life While not even close to as impressive as everyday it was a goal of mine I had a lot of other inland surfers rooting for me and it was a lot of fun. Daughter just turned a year so hoping to surf a lot more this year than last year.
    Same, 2 1/2 hours away, most days consecutively; 3.

  2. you all need a different hobby. If the waves are ankle high theres no point going out. I know Jamie obrien fishes when pipes not going off

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    Damn Gary don't be a Gloomy Gus.

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    Six days. Never will do that again. old Shoulders squeak without getting 24 hours rest.

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    I don't know how you east coast guys do it. It was TERRIBLE here from early August until October and I still paddled out once a week just so I didn't become an angry person. If I don't get a minimum of 3 surf days per week I freak out

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    420 days consecutively

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Williams View Post
    I know Jamie obrien fishes when pipes not going off
    Never heard of the feller. What's he bench?

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    I got 50 days in this year, not consecutive but it was the most I ever surfed in my life. And was set as a goal since I turned 50 this year. Mother ocean almost kept me from reaching it. An hour away from the beach, with wife, my own company and 2 very over achieving, sports and clubs kids. I did get some of the best swells and sessions I've ever had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewIfallalot View Post
    ...and I still paddled out once a week just so I didn't become an angry person. If I don't get a minimum of 3 surf days per week I freak out
    Me too.
    Over the past year, I averaged 3x/wk (157 days); but since X-mas, it's been 1x/week.
    Most days in a row: 5. The Navy base where I work is right on the beach, so I've squeezed in 3 sessions on a few days last summer-early fall.
    But if it starts becoming a chore to go out, maybe it's time to back off a bit and do something different for awhile. Variety never hurts. Or, if you're married, take care of those long outstanding honey-do's at home. Frosty's kitchen cabinets in Chasing Mavericks come to mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfrr View Post
    A few years back there was a guy in NH that would surf every day. We called him Old Man Hampton but I think his name was Ralph. He documented surfing 365 days a year but not sure how many years he did it for. It's by no means the accomplishment of 14,000 consecutive days but he was out in tough winter conditions with full gear every day.
    Surfed with this guy and his crazy son many a times. Without going into detail, I cant stand these guys. They think they are so entitled to whatever spot they end up at on any given day. I have had words with both him and his son. They can be tolerated in moderate doses, but the sheer douchiness of them makes my skin crawl. It makes me feel bad that they represent us as surfers when the rest of us are not around to testify against it. I have read Ralph's blog from time to time, but its pretty annoying. His intentions are right, but he pretty damn arrogant. There are so many of us who get along out there, why toss these guys who get agro about waist high waves into the mix. We all want waves, but get over yourself. N.O.Y.A.