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    Lost LazyBoy, RV, Bottom Feeder

    I'm looking to get a surfboard shaped for me similar to these designs. I really liked the lazyboy for it's wave range and that you can surf it with a little style moving along the board. Then, the RV came out. The lazyboy and RV look very similiar. The RV has a more narrow nose and wing bumps but I think they are pretty similiar in design/volume.

    I had a board shaped for me by greenlight similiar to a sweet potato which works great in the bottom wave range and I have white diamond and roberts black thumb. I'm nearing 40 now and not getting out as much. I'm interested in trying some alternative shapes with longer smoother turns and better wave catching ability. I'm not ready for the longboard yet.

    Has anyone ridden the lazyboy or rv? Do they have other suggestions for me?
    I'm 5'8 and about 165. The primary boards I surf are a 5'4 21 1'2, 2 1/2 spud. 5'10 white diamond 19 3/4 2 3/8 and an 5'10 19, 2 1/4 roberts black thumb. The white diamond and black thumb are getting a little harder for me to paddle/surf these days.

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    haven't ridden either, but, fwiw, I have ridden the bottom feeder and the couch potato.

    The RV looks like a streamlined version of the bottom feeder. For me, the bottom feeder had pretty good back footed performance (gotta crank on the tail for good turns) and pumped speed well (w/ the right fins), but paddling was only marginally better than a hpsb and glide to make flats/reforms was not very good.

    The layzboy is a narrower/more rockered version of the couch potato. The couch potato paddles quite well, but is very dependent on the right size fins (quad) for good performance (back footed) and generating speed. The extreme width and lack of rocker severely limits it's wave size to waist high and low steepness.

    EDIT: I'm also riding a V2 Stub at the moment, which is a very good shape...could think of it as a step-up from the RV, but probably not as good a paddler.
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    Thanks waterbaby. Anyone else have a ride report for the lazyboy or rv?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jettyflea View Post
    Thanks waterbaby. Anyone else have a ride report for the lazyboy or rv?
    Bump. Anyone?

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    I was just comparing the rocker on the layzboy, bottom feeder and rv. The LZB has the most, by a small margin, but also has a good flip in the first 3 inches of the nose (helps not pearling a lot more than you'd think). The RV has the least and no flip. In fact, the RV's so flat, I wouldn't recommend it for anything but small slopey waves...unless you like getting pitched.

    If you do go the LZB route, don't fall for the temptation to get it too big. Go to the volume calculator ("Guild Factor") on the Lost site and stay within the parameters suggested (trust me, been the oversize route and it doesn't work).
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