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Thread: Worst Wipeout

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    I had a knee high wave last winter that I was screwing around on, doing little floaters over these tiny sections. I was laughing to myself about how small it was and what a moron I was for being out there in the freezing cold surfing nothing better than thigh high waves. At the end of this wave I hopped a mini off the lip and the wave popped my board right up and into my face. I heard my nose crackle and quickly realized it was broken. The water was so cold it didn't bleed until 2 hours later as I was driving somewhere and then a rush of blood poured out onto my shirt. Damm thing took 2 months to heal .
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    WB: C-street and Mase and Sweetwater and all sorts of chill places around WB. Its rad.
    today I was out bodysurfing in the shorebreak, trying to get couple barrelz. I took off down the side of a closeout, and it flipped me over and I hit the bottom face first. bent my neck back and popped it. could have been really serious, but the pain went away pretty quick and i was fine. but still, you really gotta be careful with shallow water

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    Not this past winter, but the one before that it got pretty heavy at times on the east coast. I remember one wave where I was on a bomber at low tide, was in a tube and saw it closing out in front of me. So I popped a quick barelroll to try and bail but had forgotten how shallow it was. Got grinded into the bar on my side and popped a disc on my back. Hasn't been right since... re-occuring pain, and sitting is a ***** at times.

    Had a few beatings in the dead of winter that I'll never forget, nothing like getting a good hold down in 38 degree water with a buttload of neoprene on!

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    Got humbled at haliewa when a new NW swell starting showing and i was in impact zone, a little banged up from the reef, nothing special.

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    Someone at Darlington last year surfed into the rocks and got completely messed up, the abulance came and everything... I didnt get to see it, all i got to see was him on the beach half dead with his friend keeping him concious.