, then what is the the tuna of the land?

Passenger Pigeon?
North American Buffalo?

The question kept me up all night long. That and the chemicals.

Oh the chemicals.

No more surf related posts for me. I've sworn off 'em, I'm a new man. I have been washed in the blood of the lamb (my wife is quite upset about the carpet). I've also sworn off the evils of liquor, sugar, and carbs.

I for one think that there should be no more surf related posts on this forum ever again. Who's with me? We talk about spreading the hate to other parts of the internet, well hate starts at home. If we don't hate this place enough I axe yas, how can we hate any place else properly?

Surf related posts encourage only one thing, more surfing and more people in the water, and like teenage sex an abstinence only approach will cure this scourge. That and chumming the water. So it will be a two pronged approach, like that guy on reddit with the two. . . I digress. Just think, if we never posted anything about surfing, then stupid ass, 30 odd year old, yuppies, who have no business in the water would stay the F out. I swear it's that simple. I've got it all figured out, we just need to post more pictures of cats, lots and lots and lots of cats. That and Chuckles molesting latex dummies, that'll play in Peoria.

From here on in, I promise I will be the SouthJettyBill that SwellInfo needs and not the SouthJettyBill that SwellInfo deserves, because I am/was/and always will be SouthJettyBill.

Brace yourselves, Summer is coming. Have you oiled up your pecs? Brazillabrosephilolopolisphilabrophelos, do you even lift?