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    No kidding on the 200 tropic. I'm still down here but friday had to be the most crowded I've ever seen it. We ended up surfing at bridges, smaller but way less crowded. Surfed dogmans sat eve, real fun, cpl feet overhead Just got out of the water from wildo, 3 to 4 and real fun. We leave wed so wildo again tomorrow. Egg sammys at puntas every morning. Got really drunk at tamboo sat night. Surfed sandys yesterday off the rocks, fun lefts. Will give my rich price channel bottom review when I get back. That things flys. Oh yeah suckers, its 80 degrees with water at 82.

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    I just got back I went from January 11th-18th by far the best surf trip I've taken. I stayed in Aguadilla, PR which has Surfers beach, Wildo, Middles, Jobos, Secret spot and not that bad of a drive if Marias is on. We stayed with this rad dude named Tom Luker who's originally from Pennsylvania and the South Jersey area. He wakes up at 5 every morning goes to the different breaks to see where is on and sends you a text and you all go out surfing. The place is nice and probably the least expensive you're ever going to find ($22 a night). Good luck and here is his website

    Oh and he makes some nice homemade pizzas the first one is on the house

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    I'm reading these and getting pumped. Looks like I'm gonna have to head down in a few weeks to take a week of 4-footers and resemble actual surfing more than just a couple rides per sesh.

    carter, you headed there or what you skaterat

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    My buddy and I just had to postpone our trip due to the craptacular forecast.... would have been leaving today.

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    Depends on how much dough you are willing to spend. If got a good amount, check out Villa Playa Marias right on the beach in Rincon at Marias. It's down the driveway at the Marias parking lot right below the Calypso. The pistons are right out front. Dog mans to the south, Marias point to the north. You can see how all the breaks are breaking and can get out before the crowds and the before the winds go wonky. Stu, the owner, is really cool. You rent boards anywhere. We rent ours through Green Room Rincon every year. Just google the place. It's worth the money.

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    Carter the best thing to do is NOT search the forum for this topic. whats next a wetsuit question kook?

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    Oh yeah, if you are worried about the bottom, (rightfully so, urchins suck) there is an entry point right in front of the villa's volleyball net so it's an easy marker for getting in/ out of the water. Puntas bakery is right up the hill and there is the breaks at Sandy beach in front of Tamboo 5 minutes away. If you get word that the breaks up North are working better, it's only 30 minutes or so to those breaks.

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    chavez... are you lou diamond phillips circa young guns?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    Carter the best thing to do is NOT search the forum for this topic. whats next a wetsuit question kook?
    I already said in the first post I ain't searchin nuthin. I don't want nobody's sloppy seconds for answers. I need fresh info. Everyone else thanks for the tips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walkingonh2o View Post
    The el Belmar, nj
    That place!