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    Quote Originally Posted by ihatelongboarders View Post
    isn't $500-$700 pretty standard for a new shortboard these days? i don't get the issue. the glass job looks wonky i guess?
    Not really, but depends where you are. When I lived down there, Longboard House was much more expensive for their boards compared to other shops. They carried a larger variety though.

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    Do you know who shapes it? Is it like an in house shaper? It also looks like somebody really screwed up on a step deck... Not a good board.

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    Should have burned that turd and did a dance around the fire in hopes that the surf would come up.

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    That little bit of glass that I can see does look terrible, and I always get sticker shock when looking at new boards anymore. But Cannibal has been around a long time and makes some great boards. I rode one for years. How can you characters say anything about the shape from that pic?

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    the glass job looks god awful. you can see the cloth where the sanding went wrong. who knows, maybe it's some kind of fancy proprietary construction, or maybe the glasser indulged in too many bong rips before work that day. either way, i'd laugh at the price and move on.

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    If it's an established local brand, I'm guessing they're just trying the raw/distressed relic look. Don't know why companies do this dirty "relic" look because it doesn't seem very popular on surfboards (kinda like the McRib: it's disgusting, but keeps popping up every year or so). Maybe the shop has some sort of contract with Cannibal that they have to charge full price...if it doesn't sell, it'll probably end up on the internet at discount. I wouldn't buy a board that looked like that.

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    This is probably a response to the whole, "stop buying pop outs, find a local shaper, or shape your own" movement. Kind of like the anti firewire.

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    It looks like they are teaching someone how to use colored resin. Or trying out new pigments. Something like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leetymike808 View Post
    It looks like they are teaching someone how to use colored resin. Or trying out new pigments. Something like that.
    Teaching... I guess. With no cut lap maybe they thought they were using opaque pigment? Same issue with the blue board. Maybe the shape is so good and it's only cosmetic. Stringerless too.

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    Cannibal has been around since the early 90's, if not earlier. Well established label and shaped in Florida. While this board may not be appealing to you (or me), it was meant to look like this. I've seen a few shapers use this unfinished look before. Usually hit-or-miss in the eyes of the buyer and I'm sure this board will be gone the next time you go back.

    Longboard House runs a pretty tight ship. They probably sold through their inventory over the holiday season and/or you caught them in between shipments. Did you ask them about the board? Or why it's priced at $699?

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