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    Virginia Beach
    yea im in the VB chapter and they don't really fundraise at all. we just do beach cleanups, have awareness tables at ECSC and we have surf movie nights where we get together when it's warm and watch surf movies on the side of one of the hotels down at the ocean front and drink beers haha
    you pay your dues and if you want to doate, good on you, you don't have to. They do do some great things for conservation projects and stuff. everybody is pretty nice

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    You know, I belong to a different yet similar organization, AMA. Mainly because one has to, to ride races, dual sports, etc. And just like the SF, there is all that grumbling regarding their work- either some old guy who got shorted back when Regan was an adolescent and now holds a grudge, or some dude who is all up in arms because they want 40 bucks, and then blows 140 on a haircut...I don't care how they work, to me bottom line is if someone shows presence (say, in AMA parks a bike in front of White House every day), they can have my 40. Every little bit helps and I don't believe all the money is going to Bernie Madoff.
    That being said, I don't belong to SF but I might join. Actually, hold on- is SF 'core' enough for me to be a member? Cause if it isn't, forget it!