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that was sorta ****ty, dude. i'm all for setting kooks in their place in the line up, but crap like that really is over the top unless there have been multiple occurrences of the guy not looking. i mean, did you even bother to hoot or whistle or something? yea, the guy should've looked, but when he didn't, did you give him a heads up to let him know you were there?
You mean like this? "Excuse me, hoot hoot, I happened to notice that you dropped in on me. Hoot. If you do it again I shall be forced to speak to you even more sternly or perhaps even Hoot at you again. Hoot hoot. Do you happen to have any Grey Poupon? Hoot."

People in New Jersey may be really smart and polite, I’ve never been there; but I don’t know if that would work here.