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    Don't just sit there waiting for waves.

    go do something useful, like making your own wax: can even design a cold water wax or warm water wax. It's up to you to choose. So what do you need to produce homemade wax? Buy beeswax and coconut oil or any fragrant oil. You'll only have to add tree resin (sap) if you opt for producing cold water wax.

    For tree resin, you can cut a small area of a pine tree, and collect the liquid with small plastic cup. Don't worry, you're not hurting the tree.

    Then, place three and a half parts of beeswax, one part of coconut oil, and one part of tree resin (optional) in a large cook pot. Heat it gently in a double boiler, while keeping the mixture moving.

    After stirring the mixture and liquifying your ingredients, pour the melted formula out into paper/plastic cups or other disposable containers. Remember that molds like small Tupperware will work just like a classic surfboard wax.

    Finally, let the wax rest for three hours until dry. Label it with a brand and logo, and test in the water. It's the best organic surf wax you'll ever get. Smelly and sticky, without petrochemicals.

    The Organic Surf Wax Recipe:

    3.5 parts of Beeswax
    1 part of Coconut Oil or Fragrant Oil
    1 part of Tree Resin / Sap (for cold water wax only)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    go do something useful, like making your own wax:
    That recipe was invented by my wife in 1998, and given to the surfing world.

    Coconut oil is the only one which works though, ignore the 'fragrant oil' alternative suggested.

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    Or... Do something you can't achieve for 1 dollar.

    I kid. Thank you Mrs.Stuart for the donation to the surfing world.