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    Wetsuit Help

    I have a rip curl dawn patrol 5/3, just bought it this winter. Nearly every time I would zip up the back it would drag along the edge of the rubber and sometimes catch, I usually would just unzip it and start over. Well I hit a quick twenty minute session right before work. I was in a serious hurry and of course when I went to go zip it down.. it caught. Like I fool in a hurry, I got inpatient and yanked that sucker. I ended up removing the zipper itself. I was wondering if any body had any ideas as to how I would go about repairing it, or if ill just need to chunk it.

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    Dive shops are usually a good resource to find someone that does wetsuit repairs.
    Others on here have had good luck returning it to the manufacturer for repairs. Sometimes they will do it for free.

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    It should still be under warranty...definitely go to the website and go through the warranty/returns process thing, I don't see why they wouldn't repair it for you. Sent my e3 suit back (still under warranty, mind you) for a torn stitch - rip curl fixed it better than it was originally and sent it back, all within 2 or 3 weeks. only money i paid was to ship it off to them.

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    I agree wetsuit folks have taken care of me, be it body glove or xcel. I am appalled they touched my suit at all, I bet they used gloves

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    Rip curl is good- use the warrenty


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    Should definitely be under warranty. Contact the shop or online distributor, you usually have to pay shipping and wait like a month for it to get back to you. O'Neil repaired a back zip I bought a few years back with a similar malfunction and rip curl has a generally buyer friendly take on repairs. The wait will bother you though. Hope you have an old suit that can hold you over.

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    Yeah I have an older 2/3 but its fairly worn. And I'm spoiled by my busted 5/3. The wait will have me very chilly. Thanks for the direction.

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    Blown out wetsuit repair..in Santa Cruz, ca
    Does a great job, Diane is awesome to deal with...
    She take orders from all over...i still send her my stuff
    From fla