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    winter surfing tips

    i know those cold water sessions are limited on time before the cold creeps in . Trying to stay warm is key by any means .
    today in the water , another surfer asked me what was around my wrist and ankles . so i told him i had velcro straps around my ankle/wrist cuffs keeping water from getting in my wetty .) I have only seen a few that do this , velcro , duct tape , or old surf board leashes , fin leashes etc . it does make little bit of a difference out there , hope it helps a few . But the best advice for the cold water has always been " a plane ticket "

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    haha amen brotha, today was a brutal one, a thread of tips is definitely necessary. Straps help allot for my booties but it was still cold today. Best advice I can give is a thermos, vaseline, and catch a few then go warm up in your car and repeat, did that twice today and got 4 epic ones, hope everyone scored.

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    No vaseline - if it gets on the deck you're stuffed…...

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    what I learned from all the senior citizen surfers I know,that nothing is impossible when it comes to winter surfing.back in those days,wetsuits weren't that u have double taped seams,anti flush gaurds,etc..guys used to use those dishwashing gloves,put like 3 pairs on and put rubberbands around all u need is a 5/4 some gloves and booties.guys are surfing in Antarctica..cold water Is a thing of da past

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    True dat cep. I'm not even cold in single digits in the Drylock. There's enough obstacles in winter surf other than temps. Maybe I'm exceptionally thermogenic, but to me if you're really cold then your neoprene is either lacking in form fit and/or has holes or tears in it letting in water.

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    Not to sound like a woos, but Iam tired of wearing all the crap...but it beats not getting wet.

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    Has anyone tried wearing neoprene socks under their regular booties. I'm thinking of buying the r2 Patagonia wetsuit socks to wear under my 5m excel booties.

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    If 5mil were the thickest on the market and your dogs were frostbitten then maybe. But 7mil boots are widely available to us. I was in 36F water for 2 hours yesterday and got quite a bit of water in the boots yet they were only mildly cold. A month ago, it was 5 hours straight in 41F water and no problemo. Not boasting, just being honest.

    You guys sure you don't have rips and tears in your boots? Winter surfing isn't gonna feel like a day at the spa, what's up brahs? You guys ok? Not trying to be a TC here, just know that we have much more pressing issues when hitting the northeast breaks these months. Maybe 5 more threads about such issues posted in the next 3.5 days will warm your collective feet up. Cheers!

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    As for the no Vaseline endorsement, are you motor boating the deck of your board during breaks in paddling? If the petroleum jelly is covering the exposed parts of my face, I'd be surprised if trace amounts get on my stick, let alone quantity that impedes footing. Are you aware that homemade wax is predominantly just that - Vaseline? Covering my face with it has enabled me to charge without issue on January 3 when the air was something like 6F and the wind chill, fahgheddaboudit.

    You guys ok? Spicoli asks because he cares. For the brohan tired of wearing all the crap, your dry, heated living room is quite plush and no one's losing sleep of you don't charge your break. Is your surfing court-ordered? It's a pastime, not a sentence of oppression.

    There are multiple threads right now on the forum that are best ever quality and deep in content. I can therefore deal with these, but simply concerned with your well-being in response to what some of you are writing.

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    should i stay or should i go?

    [QUOTE=EmassSpicoli;220288]As for the no Vaseline endorsement, are you motor boating the deck of your board during breaks in paddling? (explanation please)

    You guys ok? Spicoli asks because he cares. (any caring appreciated)

    i'm up early as my weather radio (yup me dinosaur) is saying 2/4 ft eswell…si and surfline
    are now telling me to go back to bed….whats a surfer to do?

    and please do not say that which i do so badly want to hear…PLANE TICKET!

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