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    Thumbs up Full Length GoPro of A Chick Run Over By Another Surfer in Sri Lanka

    I couldn't find the thread where the shorter version was posted. This is crazy

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    Holy **** that's some serious impact. I guess that's what you get for dropping in.

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    i've seen the shorter version somewhere - prolly the Erbb. this version actually gives the whole situation more context and the music is better.

    the majority opinion seemed to be that, while the guy is a either a douche and/or incompetent, she dropped in on him and suffered the consequences. not excusing it, but they both look like kooks.

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    That's insanity. He's flying and hits her square in the side of the head with the nose of a board not lacking in foam. People have died from far less traumatic blows to the head. I see that and think massive hematoma.

    How this happens is that the two people involved both had no focus on their surroundings and their role in them. If one of the two did this would likely have been avoided. The guy clearly has some surfing skill but I wouldn't rule out the effect of him visually focusing on her as the root of the collision. We look where we want to go. He didn't likely want to hit her in the face with his screaming board but once he realized she was that much in his way at his speed he continued to look at her and therefore ended up hitting her. Anyone see how that could happen? Still tragic.

    Wow. She's not ok after this. Reconstructive facial surgery would be preferable to brain damage after that.

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    Doesn't look like she was dropping in. Just paddling for the same wave. She looked to her left and stopped paddling when she saw that fool coming. She wasn't in his way. If you can't control your board in those waves, you should not be out near other people.
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    I heard she was ok. Just rattled in the head and bit her lip.

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    Doesn't look like she was dropping in. Just paddling for the same wave.
    That is dropping in.

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    ^ lol that was the quote of the day just paddling for the same wave.

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    the title of the video should be how to kill someone with a some states that's attempted vehicular manslaughter.thats what happens when u surf crowded say who was at fault,id say the girl dropping in.if somebody is riding the wave ur trying to catch,best to stay off of it.guy could've maneuvered out the way so she didn't get decapitated.also in Australia,some dude speared another surfer in the eye for dropping in on him months prior.its stories like this that makes me happy I live in the northeast.all tho I just seen a shot in nj from yesterday with 40 dudes out like sardines.i don't get the crowd thing,every beach is empty then u roll up to a spot with 40 guys out

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    It Was his wave but he was in conditions
    beyond his ability other wise he wouldn't have
    run her over.
    When these things happen and people imply that she somehow
    deserves to get run! Nice....