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I typically do not participate in discussions with people who are so emotional, but I couldn't help myself. You ruined my joke..

What's the bigger issue at play? That there are people who feel entitled to a spot or that there are people who assault other people over pride, these things aren't new. The guy who held the grudge is a coward for waiting and for using his board. He will get his I'm sure. However, I have no sympathy for people who break one set of rules and then expect another set to protect them. Surfing is dangerous, strangers are dangerous(stranger danger), and every time you engage in dangerous activities with potentially dangerous people you should be prepared for...wait for it...

Danger. Shame on the victim for not being ready and protecting himself at all times especially when he partakes in dropping in on people. The blood from his wound could've drawn sharks and created a potential nightmare for someone else, now that would have been tragic. I have already wasted too much time on someone else's problems, his lack of self defense and your emotional struggle so I will leave you with this..

If I ever seen someone do that in person I would drag them to the beach and beat them, even if they missed. And One Eyed Mark will be fine, he's already a sea captain which transfers over to piracy quite well.

Thank you
Hey Johnny...and anyone else wondering where I was coming from in my response...to be honest, I'm not being emotional about the situation just looking at the issues involved and responding to the initial posts. I understand that you would likely respond differently in the situation, if you were the guy witnessing the incident, etc. However, I don't get the joking...nothing personal...just seems odd to me...

Plain and simple...I think its a problem when a person finds humor in the suffering of others--and frankly the guy may lose his livelihood due to a clown who believed that he was entitled to respond maliciously without the other guy even being aware (nt., I doubt the victim could have defended himself given the description in the article). I understood the fact that most of the posts were attempting to make some sort of joke of the situation, but frankly I found the jokes in poor taste given the severity of the incident.

Regarding the bigger issues at play within the article...you had a lot of options in which to discuss about the problems illustrated by the article: liability within surfing, localism, violence in the water, entitlement, etc.

To go a bit further with my point, not sure if Sandy affected you or not, but I'm sure that not many of those affected would find it funny if people started making a joke regarding their suffering, especially people who lost their primary residence, small business, etc.

Well...rant over...sorry that you believe that I was going after you Johnny...like I said...I usually avoid those type of posts...but this is one of those times where I felt necessary to give my $.02.