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Thread: First Surfboard

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    Man my first board? It was a single fin bought at Island Style in sea bright nj. I think I tore the glass off in an attempt to repair serious delams, put it aside in the shed, the shed leaked and 5 years later my step dad through it out of bulk pick up day. I wonder if anyone nabbed it and finished the repair?

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    Mine was a 6'4" Bat HPSB, didn't take very good care of it, tried shotting the pier with limited experience and ended up putting holes in the bottom of the deck by hitting the barnacles under the pier. Did some very sh*tty ding repair work on it and kept "riding" it for a while till I realized I wasn't catch anymore waves on this thing hardly. I still have the board but it just collects dust. I keep telling myself i'll try and restore it one day but I seem to find better things to do with my time. One day... one day.

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    My first board was a 6'10 hammer surf short board, we'll not so short for me since I'm 5'1. I got it off eBay for $150 and tried riding that but then my friend gave me an old 7'6 Ron Jon tht I rode for 8months until November. I just recently got to a 5'6. I've been surfing a little over a year that's my surf story haha

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    His first board at 5. 4'10" Natural Art.......it was head high!!!

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    Ha, I love that picture! I remember my little boy on his first wave and first board.

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    My first board was a 9'2" Buddha Shapes I bought used with a leash for $350. A few pressure dings but it surfed great. I still have it since I started surfing only about 5 years ago. I only own three boards now -- a 7'4" and a 9'6" both custom made. Still like to ride that Buddha occasionally.

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    My first board was actually a quiver. Pops acquired an abandoned school bus that had been converted into a band bus for Jerrys Kidz, a VB band from the 70's-80's. If you were around the oceanfront in those days you couldn't miss it...zebra stripes all over it. It had about 8 boards in it. Old Melotts, Canyons, Surfboards Hawaii and a few others. Gave a few away and rode the rest off and on for years.

    They were a little dated for the mid-80's so my first real board was a WRV twin pintail but I couldn't understand why my 'rents wouldn't let me get the newfangled board right next to it with 3 fins and a custom airbrush on the bottom that said Thrust-her along with the requisite blond beach bombshell butt picture on it. I guess mom would've felt a little uncomfortable walking out of the store with that under her arm at xmas time.

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    My first was a 10-2 singlefin longboard made by Southpoint. I took vacation to visit my sis in Hawaii and she took me out for a surf lesson. I loved it so much I came back to Florida and went to the surf shop as soon as I could. I asked the clerk for the floatiest toughest longboard that a newb like me couldn't destroy. I still have the board, it rides sick and is virtually indestructable. I take it out once a month or whenever I'm feeling like loggin. I recently stopped in the shop where I bought that thing and the dude who sold it to me remembered me even though I hadn't seen him in 10 years. I will never sell that board ever. Love it! Great thread too!

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    My best friend and I shared the cost of a lime green 9'6" Dewey Weber Performer. We had it shipped to a marina in Seacrest Beach, NJ for I think ~$75. I later bought out his interest as he went radical (for the time) short - an 8' Rick. It was eventually stolen out of the back of my 63 Ford Econoline PU ~ 1975 down in JAX. I sure wish I still had it. Great memories!