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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug View Post
    Nice breakdown kidrock.
    My dad lives in Portland and he said it's like an hour and a half to the nearest beach. Its a hair ball drive on a hair ball road, particularly in winter. Being in Portland has put a hurting on his water time, but it's a cool city. He hikes his ass off to make up for it I guess. I was going to check out Portland this winter until the sh!t hit the fan.
    Dougie, your pops shreds like a champ? Like faddah like son.

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    If you're hunting further south, Oswald West State park has a nice protected cove that can get pretty good any time of year. You can't check it from the highway though so you'll have to depend on the forecasts which are mediocre at best because the conditions change so fast. It's about 1.5 hours from Portland, maybe 15 minutes due south of Seaside. Park at the lot off the highway and hike in about 20 mins or so.

    Speaking of Seaside- forget the Point. Seriously.

    Seaside Cove is a decent break right inside of the Point though and the locals there are mostly old-fart longboaders that like to hoot and holler a lot but are pretty harmless. It's a good wave and consistent. Any wind out of the north kills it though.

    Ecola State Park (between Cannon Beach and Seaside) can be decent but it's another crapshoot- can't check it until you've driven through a windy-a$$ single lane road through a Moon of Endor looking forest.

    There's other places that break but you know... gotta know when where and how and thats not gonna happen on a short trip.

    Good luck- 5/4, booties, hood, gloves and some balz and you'll have fun up here.

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    thanks for the aloha, Squid...good on ya, bro.
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    A fair amount of Pacific Northwest surf-related stuff in here: sharks, stinky wetsuits, localism...

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    here's a cool resource, not giving away any secrets:

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    Just moved out to Astoria, OR a few months ago and I can tell you the surfing here is incredible. But be warned, winter time means some very big, serious waves. Well overhead on most days this time of year, and double overhead sets are very common. A small winter day is chest to shoulder with overhead sets breaking outside. Not trying to discourage, just respect what you're getting into and know yourself well. Don't paddle into anything you can't swim back to shore from without a board...that is a very real possibility that your leash or board can break in the winter conditions out here.

    That said, I'll start with Seaside. Yes, the Point's reputation is very real and not exaggerated in the least bit. Forget it. The Cove is somewhat more accepting, though the aggro comes out there as well sometimes. It's an easy paddle on small days, not so much when it's well overhead.

    Ecola and Cannon Beach area have a lot of good spots. Short Sands is the Portland spot. You can tell by all the Subarus and Patagucci jackets. It's a much friendlier vibe but it can get crowded. There are peaks all over though.

    If you're bold you can try the south jetty...good waves on the right day but notoriously sharky. I've hit it once and the abundance of marine life is unsettling. Seals = shark food.

    Further south you can hit Pacific City, and the Pelican Brewpub is right there.

    That's about all I know for the more famous spots around here. Take your pick. And again, be careful and respect the winter seas out here. I hope you get out though man, the waves and scenery are epic. You may never go back east

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    Thanks mattybrews and the others. I remember when you were contemplating the move back 8-9 months ago. Glad it's worked out! I've spent time out there in the summer a few years back so know all about the beauty. Anything that isn't pure gnarl? I've had the leash snap recently and not stoked for the sequel.

    These two weeks of flat aren't helping my paddle muscles which were in fine shape until then. I'll get out on the flat for a workout this weekend then looks like we are getting a few bumps Tuesday. I'll be out there next weekend. Looks good size each day on the extended report. Hope it doesn't get blown out like when I was in SF.

    Planning on bringing a stick out there. A bit more volume and length per usual for paddling?
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    Thanks man. Yeah, I'd definitely recommend a little extra board for bigger conditions. There are definitely some chest to head high days in the season that aren't as intense, but they are few and far between. There are some protected spots that will have smaller waves on big days, but I they aren't the kinds of places you post about on the internet and require a good knowledge of the local geography and how swell directions and winds behave. Just keep an eye on the conditions. 4 ft at 15 seconds is a much different beast than 4 ft at 7 seconds.

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    Any good places to rent for several days? My bigger boards are much bigger than my 5'10s and I don't have a great travel bag for over 7'. Yes, period means a lot. Looks well into medium 12+ the whole time I'm out there. Maybe I'll get the Stormrider guide for up there. It's great for other spots I've gone.

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    I just picked up a used 6'2" FW Dominator that has served me well out here. Even holds up on head high to 1' overhead really well. Short, but it has a good bit of volume. Really depends on the conditions you are in and how well you can paddle. Getting into waves early is always better in big conditions. Dudes are riding logs in double OH conditions out here for that reason. Not too sure about rentals. Cleanline has been my go-to surf shop out here FWIW.

    And don't sweat the cold out here. At 47F, it's a tropical paradise compared to RI.
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