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    New Jersey bodyboarder, Dylan Mcginn almost dies at pipe

    After New Jersey bodyboarder, Dylan Mcginn pulled into a barrel with no exit and resurfaced unconscious, six times bodyboard world champion turned North Shore lifeguard, Guilherme Tamega (who was off-duty at the time) was first on the scene. Pulling Dylan to safety assisted by Pipe resident, Jamie O’Brien, Tamega performed CPR on the beach with the help of the rest of the North Shore Lifeguards Association.

    On his Instagram, Guilherme had this to say on the rescue: “Today I was glad to be on the right place, at the right time. Rescued unconscious bodyboarder Dylan from New Jersey at Pipeline followed by @whoisjob and my awesome lifeguards partners Dorr, Sack, Zigler and DJ. Proud to be part of @northshorelifeguardassociation.”

    Hawaii News Now have reported that Dylan regained a pulse and was breathing on his own before being taken to hospital in serious condition. Once again the heroic actions of a true waterman in the right place at the right time have saved a life at Pipeline and for Dylan, we wish a full and fast recovery.

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    Crazy, I saw my buddy posting videos of this yesterday. Didnt know he was a Jersey cat

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    Damn, lucky he had those dudes there to help him.

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    Tamega's a madman. Boogers to the rescue, againe.

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    He probably forgot to do sand recon.

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    scary video awesome save

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    damn I was just about to start a thread on this u beat me to it.

    pretty crazy all these east coasters are almost dieing on small days at pipe,by Hawaiian standards.first evan,now this dude from jersey,that wave was small,he probably hit his head on the reef or something.scary shyt u never know whats going to happen when u paddle out

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    I've seen guys eat it worse in bigger stuff at *r**n**pe*. You never know when your gonna get kilt.

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    know your limits

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    Fugging scary bro's! had a board almost break my right arm! I was covering my head at the time and if I didn't cover up I know I wouldn't be writing this! GOD BLESS!