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Thread: I hate.......

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    I hate crowds, kooks, beach replenishment, people who think they are really funny but are actually really annoying, cold weather, snow(sometimes) , liars, everyone hahahah, and probably a lot more that just isn't coming to mind rn

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChavezYChavez View Post
    I hate going through Nicotine withdrawal. I had to quit the Long Cut. My gums are gone. Stay away from that stuff kiddies.
    I hate taking x-rays at the dentist. They jam that little piece of plastic in there.
    It took me years to quit that nasty habit. Picked up during the brief time I attended Texas A&M in 1973. Folks there seemed to be big supporters of the tobacco and alcohol industries.
    Snuff is worse than cigs. Quickly addicting and very hard to quit. I think one almost has to be scared into quitting in some way.
    I started with Skoal, then later changed to Copenhagen. The amount of nicotine that rushes into the bloodstream when you dip is considerably higher than smoking a cigarette and gives a much bigger buzz.
    I had to substitute with Nicorette gum but was then hooked on that for a number of years before quitting altogether. Such addictions are insidious things. I just got too tired of running to the store late at night when running out. The stuff isn't cheap either. No tobacco or nicotine products are. And the type of cancer and related surgeries can be particularly nasty and gruesome as well.

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    Hey Cep, my bad. Good on ya for making some cash training dogs. It was just an odd combo that stuck in my head. I'd love to be able to train dogs for a living. In fact, I've always thought it'd be a cool retirement hobby/business to train herding dogs to run geese off golf courses and such.

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    you are weird, I hope i never have surf around you

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    With all this "hate" maybe we could talk about things we like...
    here's something I like
    the 3 B's- Barrels, Booty, and Bud(s)

    all 3 in the same day is a helluva trifecta

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    I usually have my dog on the beach with me,as my lifeguard and personal security of my car keys.i am the 1% that doesn't surf with crowds.plenty of empty peaks around,no need to pile up like sardines

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    he's a sharp looking feller cep.