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    Lost a surf fin...Suggestions?

    Hi guys,

    I lost the center fin for my board. They were future YU techflex and super sick. I'm sure many of you have lost 1 or 2 fins before. Do you sell what you have? Try to find 1 fin? Or bite the bullet and buy a new set?

    Any trade propositions or serious suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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    file a lost/damaged/stolen report with the company, send them the remaining two fins, and they will reimburse you with a new set of fins of equal or lesser value.

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    usually you're F'ed and have to get new fins unless you ride them there plastic fins.

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    Thanks Kahuna. I figured. I surfed the rest of my trip with a center stock fin and did not like it at all. I can suffer the expenditure since it's for surfing.

    Gnargnarshredda I'll send you my fins +$5 and you take care of all the paperwork. Thanks bro

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    no problem bro.

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    buy a new set, hang on to the remaining 2 fins as back ups in case it happens again. & always double check your grub screws.

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    a lot of shops sell single fins,they have a box full of random fins and pick ur size

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    The obvious answer is surf twin

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    Take one off of a board your not going to really doesnt matter what fins you have if you know how to surf

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    Surf twin or just use a different fin sometimes you might even be lucky enough to find one on the beach. My friend has a little collection of all the fins he's found along shore

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