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Thread: Oil Spill

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    Dispersants are all cataloged with the EPA. My last company made them, and toxicity is way lower than the oil it is treating. Most dispersants are amines and stick to the CHONS (Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen Nitrogen Sulfur) regulations. The regulations on marine use dispersant, or even fuel dispersants, are very strict.
    Does that mean Gulf shrimp and other seafood from there is safe to eat? I feel like dispersing the BP oil created an out of sight, out of mind situation, rather then actually spending the time and money to clean it up properly.

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    mmmmmmmmmm guff skrimps!

    there is the story about the woman who owned a restaurant on a dock next to the guff. the workers would come in after work, tracking the dispersant. she said she had a hard time scrubbing it up, and some slopped up in her mouth. she later got extremely sick, bleeding from the eyes. It is also written that the majority of workers in Alaska have died horrible deaths.
    How can they keep using Corexit? the same way Aspertame is still put in drinks and food. JOBS!
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