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    Here's a couple places I've found and that people have mentioned. Good lady spots and scoring waves.
    -Pp Flight $2300 w/ boards. Accommodation w/ everything is about $3200. Probably another 1k for transfers, taxes, photos, etc. This is where the Billabong team goes....

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    My best advice: Go to Lohi's in the Maldives. Decent resort, some fun day trips, awesome snorkeling, and a left-hander to freaking die for! It's called Hudhundufushi now, or something like that. Rip the *** out of that wave when the tide is good, then spend the rest of the day snorkling, sunbathing, or snogging with your lady. She can chill with a cocktail on the deck next to the wave with a full on down-the-barrel view of you getting shacked.

    You can add on boat trips to other breaks if you want, but you're going to end up leaving her behind/bored a lot. Maybe do one or two and then do whatever stupid trip she thinks would be fun (picnic on a desert island, sea turtles, etc.)

    The downside is that the resort is pretty sub-par for the Maldives. Expect broken A/C, occasional HUGE bugs in the bizarre outdoor bathroom, and staff who don't give a crap. Still, it's freaking gorgeous and you can stay tanked on all-you-can drink wine and beer. The water bungalows might be better equipped, but they're obscenely expensive. I got a deal through an ozzie surf company called world surfari or something. The base hotel rate was super-cheap once I stripped out airfare and most of the side surf trip stuff.

    Here's a pic of Lohi's I posted before: