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    Started the work hustle at 730am and crushed it all day into the eve. Air wasn't so balmy and swell was small so I didn't hit the break. Sunset starts to come on and air totally changes to mid 60s so I drove straight to the break. Small (2-3ft tops) but clean and breaking.

    Threw on the wetty and sprinted out there with the 5-10 retro fish. Stayed out for an hour til it was pitch and got no less than 25 rides. Previous high would probably be 12-14 rides in a 4 hour sesh. Scored a ride every two minutes on average. Some 3-4 in a row. These were 2-6 second rides but derrrrr I got 25 takeoffs in an hour.

    Focused on pumping for speed and it was slow enough to really refine technique with that. Total bonus. So stoked. Always sprint to the water and always paddle out bro. So stoked.

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    Offshore and clean, shoulder to chest.
    These are some things Spicoli likes best.
    Some of you freak, some of you joke.
    I'm charging Maine at dawn and I'm effin stoked!

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    Got out for about an hour late Monday afternoon. Windy, choppy, and deteriorating conditions. Drifted quite a ways down the beach. Got one measly short ride but a good workout. But water's definitely warmer - above 50. Last night was windy with 60-70 MPH gusts and heavy rains with the arriving cold front. A 750-plus ft ship broke anchor and ran aground in lower Chesapeake off Shore Drive.

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    coming off being sick, scored what felt like 100mph off shores and blown out conditions at 3 spots today... Ocean was alive and well

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    Waves were choppy but really fun yesterday. Some 3 and 4 turn waves in the waist to occasionally head high variety. One of the best parts about it was not wearing a wetsuit!