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TFAD said it best,
"Ian Cairns is responsible for the Costco Wavestorm???
That is disturbing. k
This was truly the summer of the Wavestorm.
Those things are such pieces of crap. Hideous rocker, rails and weird wonky fins. Those boards completely robbing people of the experience of the glide. lol
I don't get why they are designed so poorly. its cheap
Ironic surfing by good surfers on Costco Wavestorms, I can't get behind it. omg please go away
I feel bad for the manufacturers of decent soft boards that kids can actually develop skills on.
I learned to surf on a Mason & Smith single fin soft board when I was a little kid. When I finally became brave enough to transfer over to a real foam and fiberglass board and rode an actual green water wave and went 1,000 miles per hour it blew my mind. no one cares
Oh well, southern California summer ends on Sept 2, let the real summer begin Sept 3rd."

"I'm not against soft boards.
I'm against this bizarre yuppie culture of validating buying surf gear at Costco. i make more money than you
I have friends who work for Costco and they are a good employer, I got nothing against Costco in general.
But some things just aren't right. pretty much you
There are lots of good softboards out there if you need one.
Put your kids on an INT if you want to teach them to surf. i'll do wtf i want to
I am going on the record as being against Wavestorms and buying surfboards at Costco. omg please stop talking
Go ahead and justify your purchase of the Wavestorm all you want, it's a kook move in my opinion.
A grown adult who knows how to surf in the middle of the lineup trying to sesh seriously on a Wavestorm is a kook move in my opinion. wow, i cant belive you're still talking
I resist the attempt at making buying and surfing Wavestorms a new political correctness.
No, no, no. Don't do it. k bro
Somebody has to be the bad guy here and I'm fine with it being me. i'm not sure why you want to suck at life but you sure make a good arguement for it.
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