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    Dude, I am not old as far as I know being in my mid-20s, but a lot of these kids that are douchy and don't surf good. Show them no respect and no quarter...they will come around

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    Hilton Head Island - OB, SD
    Man, here on Hilton Head, if you make eye contact and a nod, you always get one back. I have never really seen any hostility here. One day during Sandy, the lady that I was talking too moved down the beach a bit, she then dropped in on another local. They knew each other by first name. It was funny, cause she dropped in the guy and then started jawing him on the way out. He was like, for sh**s sake "you know who", you dropped in on me... But they go way back. That was literally the only words i've heard on here....

    On the other hand, you have CA... Good luck making friends in a lineup out there. Half the time, the only words people have with eachother are nasty as hell. You will see the old heads talk to the grommets, cause the old guy grew up with grommets dad. But other than that, most younger people out there are just stone cold. They usually don't run their mouths all day, but the litterally pay no mind to anyone else... Never really bothered me. Most times, I would never talk to anyone anyway. Guess you just get used to it. I had friends who could barely stand up, and I would take them out, next thing you know they are striking up conversations with people in the lineup. I think to myself, maybe its me. Maybe I look like a di** and thats why, but oh well. Like, my buddy dave got dropped in on by some navy guy. Instead of fighting, they start chatting it up. There were only minor dings on the bottom of my Buddy's board. After the session, the guy drove him up to south coast and bought him a brand new board. I was like wtf man? How on earth did you pull that off. I had a brazillian ding me up really bad on a blatent drop in. The locals at the pier got him and his friend out of the water. It just ended up being broken yelling back and forth from us on the beach, but I didn't get sh** but a damaged board. And Portugese for "sorry, I have no money and im in the hostel up the street"

    But also be careful, there is nothing worse than a chatty cathy out there who you just met and is now following you around, hooting you into chest high beach break, meanwhile you are wondering why this dude won't move down the beach cause you are the only other person out.
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    I personally wont go out of my way to say hi, but if someone says hi to me, ill nod say "G'Mornin" and move to a different peak. a Few reasons i do not go out of my way...

    1. People in CA are cashholes
    2. Im not there to make friends
    3. Im usually in and out of the water before anyone else
    4. I've got enough friends, I do not want to feel bad for stuffing you

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    I'll nod and give a quick hi/howz it, but other than that i assume everybody else is a kook and just in my way.

    If i see them shred or know them outside of the water, ill talk a bit more. But i dont really talk all that much to begin with. I guess my statement above applies for outta the water too....

    And maybe im just a d!ck...

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    round here we are very friendly as zach said. no one gets angry at other surfers just the millions of tourists your trying to dodge on your log in the summer time. the only problems we have are from people from north of Maryland in the land that is mary, mary so not contrary....jersey. other surfers are welcomed, sometimes we dont see other people around for months during the winter and give advice with open hands. come here with a attitude thinking you own the place.. there might be repercussions. dont kill our good vibes and we wont spear you with our 9,6 tree logs of death. if you surf good here its like football season slaps on the ass and high fives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenFlash35 View Post
    jj fad ......

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    Quote Originally Posted by cepriano View Post
    I greet people like **** cheney
    you shoot them in the face?? that's pretty brutal.

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    Kiel you talk a lot in the lineup. That's how you met me you ****in kook!! Haha naw I like talking in the lineup if people strike it up. Starting up Good vibes in the water always provides a better experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    its everywhere. people my age and older are generally very friendly in the lineup... the 20 somethings think they got the contest jersey on or just barely a grunt like mentioned above.
    I don't know exactly what it is but its a bad vibe for sure.
    Just out of curiosity, how old are you? I'm on the older end of the 35-40 crowd and find most of my age group to be pretty friendly. I figure if I'm gonna spend 3-5 hours a day sitting next to someone who might save my life or vice-versa, it just makes sense to be on 'hello' terms. Unfortunately, a lot of the younger surfers don't seem to agree. I'm not limiting that to the 20+ crowd, does anyone else remember when the term "grom" carried a level of humility?