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    Rhode Island Surf

    So I just joined this group specifically to get some input about surf in RI. I know of a few spots mentioned and that it's best in the fall, but I need to know how consistent it is year round.

    The thing is, I live in southwest CT, and would be very interested in moving to RI if I could have consistent and easy access to decent surf. If it's only worth it to go during the fall, I think I would rather stay in CT and do day/weekend trips. Keep in mind, I consider myself a beginner so I don't have high standards for 'decent.'

    Thanks for your input

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    Hey bro...I just did an entire write up on RI surf. Nowhere on the ec is consistent. I personally wouldn't move and throw your whole life in disarray JUST for surf anywhere on the ec. It's simply not consistent enough. Probaly better to move west if possible. If not possible, consider there's descent waves 4 times per month on average. (once this entire month so far, but that's WAY below normal even for july. Crazy flat spell for may)

    I will admit though if you're in sw ct it will be a pain getting to the beach. You're landlocked. It would be better to get close to the beach to make your life easier if it's possible. Nj is superior to RI for bodyboarding, but you're a surfer(maybe a longboarder?) and in all honesty the difference between nj and ri isn't that big to make a difference when you've got other things in life to consider. Either place would work. That's a nightmare drive to from fairfield, ct to naragansett every time you want to surf!

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    Bor I wasn't even thinking. If you're in Fairfield, ct just hit up jones beach/rockaway ect. Much quicker! Just as consistent at RI