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Thread: The Quiver

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    dollars to donuts says the OP is affiliated with the site in some way../.
    di**s to dollars is the current slang


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    Quote Originally Posted by metard View Post
    di**s to dollars is the current slang

    metard is always at the height of pop culture. Bro is a good earner at this break.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bungalowparkbob View Post
    NVM Emass, I remember your hello now. How could I forget the drubbing your friend got?!
    Bro, I got an even worse drubbing coming to assist him. I'd not be bringing anyone green out in that now with what I know of reports and conditions. Honestly though, I had little way of knowing that back then given the day's weather which was seemingly seasonable. That wind though bro, and that jetty...

    I guess that was my Hello tread even though I'd been on here a couple weeks prior. Good comparison brah and it definitely had Hello tread caliber in all ways aside from going off in a million tangents like the one we refer to. A few braddahs sided with me but it was basically me vs. the world and stayed that way through the tread given my endurance for a fight.