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Thread: Guess Who!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    Bingo. Why post pics of a metrosexualized chucka-boo-boo?
    Just trying to keep up with the type of content that has graced these pages as of late.

    My vote is also for Emass.

    We all know Shredmachine would never let his Italian loafers anywhere near grip-tape.

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    Bro, if you think I step into anything other than DC hi-tops, cowboy boots, combat boots, reef boots or Jordan flip flops then you're dead wrong. It's bad enough society and climate both necessitate the wearing of a shirt let alone the excessively domesticated collared variety. Sick find of the pic of south jetty bears on their city stoops though bro!

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    Is it lost on everyone that SJB was an accountant, not a construction worker?

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    BRAHSSS!!! Come on now!!! You don't know GRUVI when you see him?!? Totally GRUVI hanging in his south streets of philly - meeting up with some guys on to buy them pizza...

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    Maybe SJB rollerbladed to the pharmacy

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    Quote Originally Posted by MakeItStop View Post
    I dont care who it is unless its stacy dash
    you don't seem like a typical fox news viewer….