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    Sitting at work right now is torture

    please hurry up 5pm

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    just got back.
    you are right to be anxious.
    solid 4ft sets here.

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    i avoided the beach on my way to work, on my lunch and been avoiding the cams. one of buds just sent me a shot of jenks going mental and i cursed so much my co-workers thought something terrible happened. being an adult sucks.

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    The buoy up here is going mental. Looks like VAS on the cam but I just got a call from a buddy as well, he's about to paddle out. Being an adult does suck.

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    "so yea, ummm it's firing right now so umm i was hoping i could maybe leave early"

    "firing? what does that mean, you're not fired and no you can't leave early"

    - non surfing bosses sorta suck.

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    It was VAS this morning, been checking the cam every 20 minutes since 10... being adult sucks when you work during waves, it sucks worse when you have off and your jonesing at home for the wind to switch.

    that said how many hours ago did it switch in jersey/ whats LI doing right now. Timing my next session appropriately

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    it was offshore when i went to work at 830 and has been cleaning up ever since.

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    With the wife out of work the kid is not at day care. I was forced to move my home office into the garage to get any work done. When I got done, they went to the beach. : (

    I think the carpet makes it more professional looking. Next week I will get a fax machine and a coffee maker from Goodwill.