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    Coil Megamind for Sale, 5'8"


    I have a nice wide/thick 5'8" Coil Megamind for sale. New condition. Not a scratch/ding/etc. Comes with fins and a stomp pad. Ready to shred, just not for me. These boards are expensive as heck new and are constructed out of some fancy materials and very hard to damage (think an American-made Firewire, kinda). I'm selling it for $410. Check the link below for pics, etc.


    PM me with questions or for phone #.

    Thanks for looking.


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    Price drop. Now $375.

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    Quote Originally Posted by salt View Post
    think an American-made Firewire, kinda
    If you want to sell this thing don't refer to it as that, it's not even close to the same thing! Very different products. Coil is far superior and is worth every penny you are asking if it in fact is in the shape you are claiming it to be, which most likely it is. Someone buy this board before I do!

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    how old is it?