I am not the best at predicting when waves will come until I see with my own eyes that there are waves that is a reason I use this site. I am even worse at the number game. It seems that longer period swells are more sought after then the shorter period (wind swells).

My question is with a longer period swell...does this mean the waves travel faster to our beach? If so how are lulls incorporated into this? If not disregard the next paragraphs because I am a kook when it comes to this stuff.

Say for instance we have a 12second swell. This swell would travel faster then a 8 second swell. Would this mean that Lulls in between sets would be less frequent with a 12 second swell? Which would make the paddle out a ***** in making 8-10ft 12second beachbrake swell? This is something I always wondered because I never really pay attention to numbers once the swell starts because I am to busy surfing!!

I hope this question even makes sense sometimes it is hard typing crap out on the internet.