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    Nicaragua with non-surfing family

    Okay Iíve searched the posts and havenít found a thread that answers the question(s) Iím after so here goes: My wife (god love her) has agreed to a week to 10 day long trip to Nicaragua with the whole family. My sons donít surf yet (currently 8 and 4,) but the older one may be surfing by the time we go (planning this for March of 2016.) The wife doesnít surf.
    Iíve looked at a lot of the all-inclusive resort packages, yet very few (that I could find) offer much in the way of info for costs/activities/etc. for non-surfers. I think some place called Surf Sanctuary was the only one that listed ďnon-surferĒ prices that I could find, which were reasonably less than the ďsurferĒ price.

    So, before I start calling every resort down south, hereís the question(s): Has anyone done something similar (i.e. traveled to a surf resort in Nica with non-surfers)? If so, what was your experience? My wife is very chill and wouldnít need scheduled activities. I plan on surfing as much as possible but would also like to spend time with the family, doing whatever other side trips, etc. a resort might offer in addition to just chilling or even getting my sons on a board.

    Alternatively, Iím down with piecing a trip together myself. Iíve trekked to some pretty far-flung places with the wife, family, solo, etc. It seems like with young kids in tow Nicaragua might be better enjoyed in an all-inclusive deal, but Iíd like to explore all options.

    And to take it a step further weíre not totally dead-set on Nica, so has anyone done a similar trip elsewhere in Central America? I know CR supposedly has better waves.... Panama maybe?

    Not on a tight budget but I obviously wonít be taking a Gulfstream 650 down there.


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    you can rent houses/condos with pools right on the beach at colorados in nicaragua pretty cheap and even get a cook and someone to drive to and from the airport.

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    Go to Costa plenty family friendly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peajay4060 View Post
    you can rent houses/condos with pools right on the beach at colorados in nicaragua pretty cheap and even get a cook and someone to drive to and from the airport.
    i've gone twice. this is good advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NWSquid View Post
    I know CR supposedly has better waves....
    CR has better waves than Nicaragua? Definitely can't say I've heard that before. Other than Pavones (world class, but you wont be taking family there), my impression is Nica comes out on top surf-wise.
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    Check out Rise Up Surf time of my life

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    Quote Originally Posted by baddy trailerpark View Post
    i've gone twice. this is good advice.
    My wife went with me on a trip there once and had a great time. There's a nice pool, plenty of beach to explore, 2 different waves, a golf course, etc.... The accommodations are very nice and if she's a beach person she'll have a great time. Setting up a side trip or two should be pretty easy even if you don't rent a vehicle.

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    I think costa is more family oriented.nica is still a developing country,and while u surf,they will be sitting on the hot azz beach getting sunburnt instead of going shopping or whatever they do in south America.nica is great for surfing,but I wouldn't take my family there

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    Cool- well thanks for the input; we've got quite a bit of time to figure out the best options. I think my wife may be more inclined to go to CR, but hey, I don't really care where we end up down there. I get to surf and can leave the hooded 5/4/3 in my garage.