so i had an Instep kids bike trailer that my child has outgrown that looked like this:<br /><br />and since we have an ever-growing amount of surf gear and beach toys we're dragging to the beach, i decided to modify it to make it more useful. stripped it down to the frame first:<br /><br />cut a floor to fit it and added various support pieces:<br /><br />got some furniture-grade pvc fittings and cut some pipe:<br /><br />built a rack system that would fit the boards we usually take to the beach, with plenty of room underneath for assorted beach gear:<br /><br />made sure it was all bike-compatible:<br /><br />and there we go: built to haul 3+ boards, beach chairs, umbrella, cooler, toys, boogie boards etc. right down onto the beach. all i need now is surf.<br />