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    dudes a beast no doubt about it.

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    All the hopping, shove-it type stuff seems gimmicky and maybe a dead end to me, but the way he bottom turns off the back of the board, turning the whole back half into a giant fin, there might be something in that. And the way stand-up boogies do that cutback to reverse spin back into the pocket (or even how prone boogies do it, think Mike Stewart at Second Reef Pipe), that looks like one of the most functional maneuvers around. The trick might be getting the flotation of a boogie with the "edge" of a skimboard or an alaia somehow.
    When surfing's current popularity implodes, will there be some kind of radical shift? Like how the collapse of early '60s beach-party movie surfing preceded the advent of shortboards? Maybe the finless, skimboard, stand-up boogie, Ryan Burch/Derek Hynd/Hydrodynamica world might have the modern day equivalent of George Greenough's spoon in it somewhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    many seemed to enjoy on the last go round so figured I'd post it up here. Not too many stand up boogers out there but this dude's keeping it alive.
    Both vids on this thread are sick..

    Skim dude does better fs bigspins on a head high wave with a skimboard than I can do on flatground with skateboard. Sigh.

    Anyone else notice that the stand-up booger is wearing an Unsound t-shirt at 2:26? (NY surf shop). Wonder if the dude made it up to NY or if it just came his way...
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    Great stuff here, I did see the Unsound shirt.

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    Yea, Domke is a talented surfer. No way is that future of anything- did you see how much work is surfing that in overhead conditions? Getting in and then actually dealing with the board while positioning. Challenging, yes.

    Stand up sponge is cool. I like that idea way better. I watch that type of a video and go look at the waves I'm dealing with every time I think of spending any serious money on some sort of special performance SB.
    Whatever, paddle out, have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahuna Kai View Post
    I was buggin out when he was doing shove-its going down the line.
    Yeah, on the skim first then on the surfboard later. Damn. How the hell did James Cameron sneak in and raise the bar again?