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    Cool Lbi has its own white shark now!!!!

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    Jun 2009
    Thats awesome!

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    Only a juvenile...wonder where mama is...

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    hopefully just migrating back north

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    I saw a 5-6 foot shark when I was out paddling on the SUP. I was pretty far out in deal, the shark was half the size of my paddleboard. Both dorsal fins were really sharp, came to a really fine point, and was much darker colored grey almost black. Didn't seem frightening at all as it swam away from me as I was going passed it. I guess the sharks are out this year.

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    Nice try guys

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    Monmouth County
    Has anyone seen any sharks off Belmar or Squan?

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    rumor has it there were a ton of large sharks off belmar but NJShredMachine swam out and punched one in the balls.... and since then there havent been any sightings...

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