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    when the storm is that close you are getting waves in Rockaway.

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    maybe head high in the hour before dark

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    That's getting skunked?

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    kinda maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nynj View Post
    Did you check before dark? It went from waist high to overhead at about 6pm a little east of you. It must have filled in by you too at some point.
    The back to waist high this morning
    Yeah, got to agree with you here. I am just wondering how much dredging is going to annihilate the breaks out there... hopefully a month or two of shorepound will deter the hoards from sticking around come September.

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    The shorebreak has been kind of fun on the weak windswells like yesterday morning. Some of the jetties are so short now you can sit in front of them and catch shorebreak off the end.

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    Anybody know the best way to post pics directly from you phone? Anyway to do it without uploading them to your computer?

  8. #38 sunset...

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    lbi at sunset looks fun

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    LBI.jpg super fun wedges last night and still some fun waves this morning