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    How often do you wax?

    Please share your knowledge and technique, products you use, how often, how much is too much, dealing with chaffing, do you wax over rubber, and so on

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    When the chest hairs get more than about a quarter inch is when I wax again. Waxing over rubber wouldn't allow me to get down to the skin. Too much would be waxing legs as well as nether regions. Chafing is not an issue as long as you moisturize and protect with aloe vera immediately after. Hope this helps!

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    I prefer sex wax for the smells.

    I scrape and pickle and reapply wax at the changing of the season to a more temperature appropriate wax (cold vs hot).

    In the summer when wax gets really melty I might scrape and wax more often.

    Once boot season hits for me I only wax once in a while. The traction is on the boot. This past summer I got into a pair of kookster booties and eff ya'll im wearin em year round.

    I wax a strip all the way up the stringer to where my chest positions. Don't need to be sliding around.

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    I don't wax. I shave. Very very carefully.

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    Don't wax. Don't shave. Men should be hairy.
    As a kid I was told, "Eat up them vegetables, boy. They'll put hair on your chest!"

    If I start slippin', I start waxin'. Hate having my hands slip during a pop-up.

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    Everyone knows you only need more wax after a wipe out. "Dangit! Need more wax!" Couldn'ta been me...

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    Go front to back. It prevents growth of dingle berries.

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    Down below? About once a month. Oh you're talking about surfboards? My bad. I use sticky bumps. Put down at least a half bar of base coat in small circles and then rail to rail. Next add the correct temp rail to rail and then nose to tail. I reapply the top coat after every other surf or as needed. Laying down a good wax job is an art and usually lasts a couple of months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaveSlayer View Post
    Go front to back. It prevents growth of dingle berries.
    Klingons around Uranus.

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    Bunch of jokers in here.

    I usually forget wax and use a little nub I can scrounge up