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    Need somewhere to stay!!

    Hey guys I'm sitting in a Denny's in PB and could really use a place to stay. I just drove out here from Ocean City, MD and the place I thought I was staying at fell through - craigslist. My budgets 600 a month on rent MAX. If any body has a spare room or couch they wouldn't mind renting please let me know! I'm open to going anywhere in San Diego. I'm a clean, respectful, easy going 18 year old surfer. Thanks in advance for any help guys!! -Tommy

    Ps my numbers 6102173775 call or text anytime!
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    Did you at least order a Grand Slam Burger at that Denny's?

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    Kid, delete your cell number off the post, seriously. Try this place:

    They might have something available, summertime can be tight. It's only a little over your budget; but you're not gonna do much better until you can find a roommate situation. Don't crash in your car at the beach, you'll get a ticket. Head inland up Garnet until it turns into Balboa and head a little farther. There's places to crash up that way, just be super discrete.

    Good luck and if you're hungry, a block west of where you're sitting, on Garnet right in front of the pier, same side of the street is a place called Kono's. Way cheaper, way bigger portions, way better food. Ask them where the patio is.

    The Roberto's (or is it an Aliberto's) right there on mission isn't too terrible either.

    Oh yeah one more thing, there are other hostels in this town if that one's full. There's one a couple of blocks east on Garnet and then one block north on Fanuel, I want to say, and then there's one on Emerald too.

    Just google youth hostels pacific beach, they'll pop right up.
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    SD's local zine is called the reader. You can find them everywhere for free. There will be tons of ads in there for places as well as on CL. While PB is a somewhat decent place you will probably find the people there fancy themselves more of an elitist crowd than elsewhere. You would probably have more luck in OB just south across the river. Something about the 8 emptying into the town makes it a more transient friendly option in my opinion. Go hang out on Newport ave at a bar or something and ask around, it worked for me many years ago. Just don't stay there TOO long. That place can be a trap!

  5. #5 5 yrs ago my friend stayed at the -island Inn- nice studio with a mini fridge, micro wave, queen bed shower, at that time, fun near the bars, in the city. He was paying less than their advertised rates, so some talking and bargaining might do u some good here. It looks like they have 2 other locations as well.

    I've also stayed here, dumpy like a youth hostel should, but hey its a room, and there was European chicks around. Good luck