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    I think it's gunwales not gunnels

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    Godspeed on your recovery surfdog!

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    Chapter 7


    High pitched laughter echoes in the valley and
    Mocks all that is pure.
    Draamanu shakes in fear as the sounds pierce his aura
    Of strength and serenity and cause him to sweat the
    Sweat of a panicked soul under the thumb of a
    Pressing, pursuing force.
    The earth begins to shake and the firmament shatters.

    Draamanu is swallowed by the rapidly growing crevasse,
    Laughter grows louder, becomes a beak
    Striking between the eyes, penetrating the brain,
    Putting out the fire of all thought
    Past and present.
    He is falling into an abyss crying,
    "Please dear earth, oh loving mother,
    Put your soft bosom in my path."

    Laughter turns to thunder, turns to rain, turns into song.
    Exalting all creation.
    exalting the empty as well as the full.
    Praising the enemy as dear as the offspring.
    Draamanu sleeps, he dreams of a presence carrying him over a river.
    Ralu speaks to him tenderly.
    "Seek the sky above the fray.
    Let your mind follow the hawk's path and
    You will find the gates to the drowned city."

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    Quote Originally Posted by MY SAVIOR View Post
    sisurfdogg here is a video to watch before you go into surgery....good scripture
    I appreciate the kind thoughts, but you are still a troll. I'm sacraficing a chicken in my back yard before I go under the knife.

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    dogg hope you do well and we are all thinking of you braddah. Respek the haikus and literary expression is the sign of wise men.

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    Chapter 8

    Ancestors are Prisoners

    The stench of rotting flesh fills the air.
    Draamanu wanders alone until he comes upon a crossroads,
    With several small abandoned dwellings.
    Vultures circle the sky above.
    The smell of doom is in the minds of all who once lived here,
    And now walk the dance of the dead as lost souls.
    The sound of breaking bones and screaming finally abates.
    Tyranaku the destroyer appears in a pool of flames and dread.
    "Your ancestors are my prisoners since time became a moving tide",
    he laughs with wild red veined eyes.

    Draamanu cries, remembering his mother's love, her softness, her smell.
    He remembers his grandfather's eyes,
    Alive with the fire if the living.
    A feeling of childlike euphoria, of finally being home is
    Erased by the craven image of the demon's eyes.

    Seven giant blue black hawks circle overhead laughing at
    Draamanus attempts to return to his home,
    To find the lost child in the drowned city.

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    Yeah, to a speedy recovery my dude. Regardless of the severity, going under the knife is always a sketchy feeling. Look forward to the relief of waking up and having it all be in the past.

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    I'm gonna try to wrap this up by tomorrow, just in case a few of ya'll get banned from simod666. Thanks alot for all the well wishes, zeroevol, Betty (what the hell is Versed?), Koki B., Yankee ( the Jeter of SI), sandblster, beachbreak, EMassSpicoli, seldom seen, and zach619. Nice to see folks got my back.

    Chapter 9


    Molten, emanating fire from the core,
    Gradually cooling and fracturing as
    Rivers of lava collide with basalt and granite and quartz.
    Subterranean caves and tunnels,
    Formed from ancient air pockets house
    Unworldly, under worldly beings,
    Tempered like diamonds under pressure until
    Epochs yield to eons yield to millennia.

    Creatures emerge, with fins, with wings,
    With a hunger to devour.
    Thus is borne the Xyragriffith, the primordial demon who
    Hungers for blood, who demands
    All consuming attention,
    Desires unholy domination from all
    It encompasses.

    But earth cares not, and as ancient volcanoes
    Spew forth giant projectiles of unformed matter,
    The old demons, the unspeakable rage, is
    Encased, entombed like a geode which its center is
    Beautiful, crystal, all dark and hard outside,
    But in reverse.

    Chapter 10


    As the molten crust and the demon
    Xyragriffith become entombed,
    Entwined and sucked back from whence it originated, the
    hatred ad envy formed a liquid, dense river.
    Shalaahadrice the she-demon,
    Borne of fire, earth, and unholy desire,
    Spreads her wings and flies to the
    Ancient city on the banks of the
    Snake like river, that which flows all lost dreams.
    She sets fire to its dwellings, and
    Rains a ruinous tide of woe unto its inhabitants.

    Volcanoes rumble in the distant horizon,
    And then it all becomes calm and cool and light.
    As the metallic glow condenses ground ward,
    The prophet Alamandra appears.
    "Let the earth nourish the ore, and
    Form a race that is strong, like an alloy."

    Chapter 11


    Below the surface lies the unfathomable deep.
    Vast, unknowable, lurking close at hand and at
    Unimaginable distance at once.,
    Menacing and nurturing,
    Mother of all life, primordial swamp.

    Formless, fits any vessel, sails many ships
    Unworthy of the tests of wind and waves.
    Contained in a conduit, directed, sent, it
    Dissolves all in its path with the inevitability that
    Canyons and ravines and glaciers silently attest.

    Hydralaanu, the demon of water,
    Directed by molten metal to flow as an
    Intense unstoppable force, blasts all in its
    Way and drowns the city.
    The city of lovers, churches, thieves, charlatans,
    Babies, poets, music.
    The chaotic overcomes the banks of civility,
    Generosity drowns, summer ceases, unspoken love dies,
    The promise of the healers withers,
    Teachers who illuminate the masses flee.

    Chapter 12


    Floating in the primordial ooze,
    Trees and lumber crash and dissolve into sluice.
    Sun baked, the trees nourished by the river
    Grow strong, give shelter to those that
    Find their way out of the flood tides,
    Like primitive mammals crawling out of
    An ancient ocean.

    Upon the banks of the mighty river,
    Bamboo bends wildly, grows even thicker, a city emerges.
    It's people trade their souls for slaves,
    Their daughters for power, their wives for wine.
    "Burn your desires and rid yourself of future denigration"
    The prophet Limenius implores the city,
    As bamboo is devoured by fire.
    Wretched survivors flee the inferno.

    Chapter 13


    The embers of the dying city, a funeral pyre,
    A tomb of cataclysmic tableau.
    All those that danced, that toiled, that fought and won,
    Flushed out by smoke and flame and searing heat that engulfs all.
    The lost child, the lost children, the unprotected lambs
    Cry into the night.

    Dralalani bares his fangs and feeds from the
    Trough of the charred remains of all
    Hopes and prayers of the damned.
    The searing, unbearable heat returns unto the wt muck,
    the drowned city, and evaporates all the
    Detritus, the decay, the doomed.

    The city, the drowned city, the once thriving
    Undulating city is exposed, crying out for the
    Milk of human kindness.
    Surrounded by and shelter to a multitude of
    Demons, deluged by filthy flood, it lies in wait for
    Renewal and cries out to an uncomprehending
    Emptiness and sucking void.

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    Versed is an awesome light anesthesia where you're in a twilight stage but you recall nothing of it. Then for the following 24 hours you think youre lucid, but there are funny gaps. And no drowsiness from Versed, pronounced vare-sed'
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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    Versed is an awesome light anesthesia where you're in a twilight stage but you recall nothing of it. Then for the following 24 hours you think youre lucid, but there are gaps. After Versed for an LP years ago, I went home, got on the phone and chatted up friends for an hour, made all kinds of plans, but the next day recalled nada.
    Getting Versed is what could get me in real trouble.