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Thread: surf properties

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    One of my favorite stories about Nixon and Corky Carrol:

    . . . one day when I was getting out of the water and he was walking by with a group of body guards. He waved me over and said, “So, you are our surfing champion.”

    I smiled and said back, “So, you are our president.” We both laughed and that was that.
    Cool stuff, Gaff.

    I still have my Tricky **** tee from back in the day when Jimmy Carter was flailing:

    "NIXON: he's tanned, rested & ready."

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    Heck, the Nixon property is worth an easy $4 mil. Think about it: I'm betting that those missing Watergate tapes are hidden somewhere in that joint. Find the tapes, reap the rewards....probably worth way more than the piddly $4 mil asking price of the property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UserID View Post

    Under $200k and he's willing to entertain offers! Can't we set up a group mortgage and make this place the SI east coaster's winter getaway house? I'm in, we can rent it when we aren't using it!
    It can be our very own Volcom house. I'm all for it and will be the Patrick Swayze Roadhouse character and keep the riff raff out the crib. Got no probs trowing down snaps on this place.